Oscars Red Carpet Gowns worthy of your Wedding dress


The 90 Oscars were just terrific! The Oscars Red Carpet is the part that we enjoy a LOT because we can find inspiration or trends in gorgeous wedding gowns. Despite that, the Oscars also influence us to find new ideas and plan weddings beyond expectation. 

What ideas did we saw during this Oscars Red Carpet edition worthy of your wedding dress?

Shine, shine, shine 

Oscars Red Carpet Gowns inspiration


There was a lot of sparkles! We love that, it is luxury and makes you feel like a truly incredible! A good part is that also works great for a Mexico Destination Wedding, just imagine those sparkles shining under the sunset light!  Our jar just dropped!



Romance all over Oscars Red Carpet

Oscars Red Carpet Gowns for your weddingThe red carpet was full of romance and elegance this year! We did saw a lot of tulle and silk for all those dresses that you can wear for your special day and look stunning! What do you think about Margot Robbie ´s dress… perfect for a Destination Wedding!! Flawless, elegant… speechless! 

Sexy Silhouette

Oscars Red Carpet Gowns inspiration for bridesLady, nothing screams sexy like curves! … and we did saw them on the Red Carpet… gowns following the silhouette, and stand up! Forget about the Princess shape, these extra feminines, and elegant proposals are all beyond. 


Something that you didn’t know, is this kind of dresses works amazing for a destination wedding cause are breathy, most of the fabrics of what are they made from, don’t easily wrinkle, so they are perfect for travel… and shows your tanning! 


Off-white & Ivory; the Queens

Oscars Red Carpet Gowns for your own wedding

White has been, almost, since always THE BRIDAL color. We know that other tones of this colors can work perfectly, and we did saw this on the red carpet. Gorgeous gowns in Ivory and off-white embellish with crystals!  

Are you looking for a more non-traditional wedding dress don’t forget to check our post about non-traditional wedding dress

or if you are looking for a dress to wear during your rehearsal dinner… what do you think about Gal Gadot red dress?  I think that will rock any party… don’t you? 

Oscars Red Carpet Gowns bridesmaids

We at Better Together Mexico can imagine that dress for a rehearsal dinner after a Yoga class as part of those Tulum Weekend activities that are perfect for your destination wedding, 

That Red dress will be a perfect cherry on any cake! but can also be part of your Valentine Inspiration for your Destination Wedding check the post!… doubts about it but still died for? 

The style, the color, the shape… well can also work for your Bachelorette Party Weekend in Mexico! It is me or as you see options are endless?.. ok probably is me…



 Extra options for your perfect wedding dress?

Still looking? Don’t forget that Bridal Fashion Week is still on and there are tons of proposals at runways… one of my favorite Wedding designers for a Destination Wedding Gown is Maggie Sottero

fashion week 2018 bridal gownsDo you need more inspiration for your dress, check our post about Real  Bridal Gowns inspiration for your Caribbean weather ceremony, with some samples of what our brides wore! 

So lady, keep going, I know that the search for THAT  DRESS can be long and sometimes exhausted, but totally worthy! 

Do you need more help? Contact us! 





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