Planning Tools for your Destination Wedding


Planning tools for your Destination Wedding to inspire you, connect you and keep you organized during the planning of that amazing day.

When you are planning a Wedding there is so much to do – even if you have a Wedding Planner- we would like to share with you what are the tools we more use to make it easy, fun and save time.

The planning tools that we use:




We know that distance can be a huge factor when you are planning a Destination Wedding… I`m sure you saw a lot of wedding movies – come on it is true…at least one! – so in case of a wedding planning for far,  there will be things hard to do, like feel textures, taste cakes or meals, even make site inspection. 

Well, pictures are super expressive. This is the advantage and why we love Pinterest! We used it with our couples to find their inspiration, colors, style; sometimes we do duplicate something exactly like the picture, the trick here, most of the time it will be budget.

Google Drive

wedding planning better togetherWe love this tool! It is perfect to share documents, keep the planning organized, do spreadsheets! 

It is easy to work with and you will love it also. Cause it is connected to Google, you will need a Gmail account, but some couples set a special email account for their wedding, so you can take advantage of that. 

Additionally has easy access from any computer or even from your phone using the app; so you only have to concern about wifi access. 


skype better together mexico

One of our favorite Planning tools would be kind an old school style…  but a mentor of mine wisely said once… ” Technology is great, but a Phone call will solve a lot! ” and she was right! emails going and back, and no matter how great writer are you… a phone call can solve and transmit to many things that an email can do. 

Skype fixes that!  It is a kinda phone call, and for me, even better, because you put a face to the email, and can see all expressions, likes, dislikes etc during your conversation, which changes a lot the dynamic of the planning; at the same time, you can share photos, ideas, links! 


We love it to make conference calls to our couples once a week! 


Wedding minisites & invites by Minted

We love Minted services and how easily you can create a website with all your Destination Wedding info, get your rsvp back and personalize the site! 

In our list of planning tools Minted is also our favorite, because it allows you to keep everyone communicated with all the details in one place either for a consult or just reference and if you want to order your wedding invites or e-invites or additional stationary;  you can also do it with them and keep the same style in everything for your wedding.

I hope you find this Planning tools helpful;  we use them very often when we plan a wedding.

Happy Planning! 





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