Rain, good luck?



I’d been planning and coordinating weddings at the Mexican Caribbean for close to 5 years, and if there is something I found that we can`t control is the weather… We feel so sad for those couples traveling long distances to finally get their hotel and find days of rain… and there is nothing that we can do about it!!!!… At least with the flowers, or the food, there is something that we can always do, something to push to make it happened or offered an alternative…but with the weather… Whose fault is it? 


I found in the past that some of my couples came back to me, looking not concerned about the weather… “ it is what it is”  or “ we will have fun no matter what” they said to me… but were those couples who came to me and said “ rain on the wedding day is good luck!”, you are right, it is a very optimist way to see the situation… but in some way it is true.


Rain is considered a blessing for so many cultures for the simple reason that when it happened, rivers grows, plans get greener, and everything basically reborn… in simple words, water is live! And rain is exactly that …live! That`s why it is a blessing…  It will sound rare for you, but in my wedding day I would like to have a little rain- morning rain preferably- but for instance we had a sunny day!…

Rain it might not be the kind of blessing you expect, or most important dream for your wedding day but many of my couples came back to me and said “ we will have fun not matter the rain”, this is a bright side of the situation, but also real….  We can not change nor control the weather, but you can control your reaction to the situation… at the end of the day what matter is that you will be getting married to your soul mate, cherishing this days with your love ones who travel a long distance to celebrate with you (weather is not important for them, they might concern, but that will be all their feelings) … despite the rain do not forget the main reason of that day…. You are celebrating your love to each other! 

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