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A life of a Romance Rockstar

The other day I was thinkromance rockstar with brideing that a life of a Wedding Planner can be glamorous, you know, attending to events, doing conferences as speaker, planning weddings, etc, etc, in fact, you can become a little Romance Rockstar, so, I would start to see us like that!, someone that will do you wedding become historical! .. but actually, does the couple know what a Wedding Planner does…and a day in the life of a romance rockstar won’t be enough because this change from day to day, from one wedding to the other, because you will never find 2 identical weddings, not even in the same family!.

So additionally to respond emails, attend to wedding meetings with couples, seek new venues, me
et suppliers, work on wedding details like decor, lighting, cake design ideas, write the blog, keep Facebook, instagram and other social networks alive, we also coordinate the wedding day…

We found that In the past years we had been doing a little of everything, from Dress our Brides, because it is elopement wedding ceremony, to set a tabPuerto aventuras romance rockstarsle in time for the reception… so what we usually do in one wedding day?

Our morning starts at home; taking coffee, breakfast and responding some urgent emails, then we ride to the venue to start checking the suppliers arrivals, and setting the area for the wedding, check our wedding couple, to see how are they, welcome the personal flowers and makeup artist… once everything starts to getting form, we continue supervising the set up, set the details like place cards, menus, napkins.. and then show time!…

Seat the guests, check for last time to our wedding couple, and reconfirm music… prepare for the big moment… ceremony time!

Romance rockstar at workOnce ceremony is done, invite guests at cocktail time while couple is getting their portrait pictures and then seat them at reception, check announcements like first arrival, first dance, speech, cake, bouquet and, or garter toss.. and party, party!

Oh! you see the picture where we were in Red?… well in this case the wedding was black red and white and we can dress like that… you will see more pics in our gallery
At the end of the night, also check that suppliers arrive on time to clean up the area and manage last minute request or stressful situations… so it a glamorous life, it is.. but also requires a lot of work, patience, and most of all… love what you do… this is why a Wedding Planner is called Romance Rockstar.

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