Super Cute Ideas to Entertain Kids at Weddings


Kids at Weddings

We love Kids at Weddings! They are cute, funny and add a dash of unexpected not only to any wedding but also, to our lives. 

However entertain kids at Weddings can be little challenging, especially for a Destination Wedding.  They can be glued to you all day long! Trust me, that requires a lot of energy. 

Don’t forget that little voice whispering you, that parents won’t enjoy the day or asking you if the venue is secure enough to have kids at your wedding.  Add mosquitoes, flu, allergies, etc, and you will have a cocktail of concerned parents. 

Because of that, we prepare these super cute ideas to entertain Kids at Weddings, so you and your friends can enjoy! Cheers! 

Make the Kids at Weddings part of your Bridal Party 

You don’t know what to do with the kiddos? Well, one option it will make them part of the wedding party. 

Can be a flower girl or ring bearer or in some more cool option, a group of them. Like “ring security squad” or the “flowers squad”. It would be important that they can walk on their own. 

Quick tip: When you do it in a group, it will be easier for them to do what you are asking. 

Please don’t skip the rehearsal of the ceremony, it would be important for them to understand what do you expect from them. With this, you will avoid frustrated kids right before you start the wedding ceremony.  


Prepare special treats for the Kids 

We all love treats! Becuase remind us when we are kids. Having Kids at Weddings will bring out our inner child so enjoy. 

Are you concerned if kids will behave during your ceremony?  Add to the programs coloring parts and a solid surface. They will be entertained while you say I do. 

Especial things for them like having their own menu, finger foods, mini pizzas or pasta will make them feel loved, and also avoid to have them cranky;  therefore it is a win-win.

Also, churros cart, ice popsicles or popcorn station will drive them crazy. In a good way. 

You can prepare goody bags with some candies and perhaps a toy so they can enjoy while the party starts. My kiddo just came back from 1-year-old birthday with a “bubble maker toy” nothing fancy, but it was such a great idea. 


Plan an area for them

Have you ever try to climb a chair? Yes! but just you don’t remember right now how hard it was. Assuring special furniture for the Kids at Weddings will give you extra points as host. 

Having an area near to the reception where they can have any activity like coloring, what a movie, if possible, playing Jenga, etc, etc, 

You want that you and your guests fully enjoy the wedding; we can suggest having a Nany service. Someone taking care of the kiddos will allow parents enjoy little extra the night without the concern of the kids needing something.  

Something that extra special are the teepees! Are super cute and kiddos play long hours with them. Additionally, you can use them to do a small “glamping” if they fall asleep during the reception. 

We understand in a perfect work an Only Adults wedding would be perfect! Well if you have the chance… it is your day! 


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