Vows Renewal Ceremony: I Still Do!


 Renewal of Vows CeremonySomething that’s really sweet for me, is the Vows Renewal ceremony. 
Luckily for me, more and more people start to do this special ceremony as a destination ceremony or part of their vacation, some of them with family and friends, some just the two of them. 
The planning of the vows renewal ceremony is similar to an elope ceremony and most of the couples just look for the most important items, flowers, minister, and photos, some decide to celebrate again with their family including their children… it is very sweet to see how this couples re- exchange vows after a life together, which also implies growing as persons, couple, parents, and go together thru different stages, obstacles etc that make them a stronger couple. 

Still do! Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Making a Destination Vows Renewal ceremony will be an optional extra for your, for a sample if you had a traditional or home wedding ceremony, now in this opportunity you can travel for your anniversary and take advantage of this short vacation to make it unforgettable. 

Not sure if this would be an option or you… we can also help you, it is much easier planning but still it can be as gorgeous as a wedding and so meaningful for both of you… 
 We Still do! Renewal of Vows CeremonyWould you like to bring your family and friends, some couples do it! make a familiar trip and share with them such special moment… for your children for a sample, it would be something that they won’t forget… I still remember when my parents do it… and I was 10 years old… it was kind of a surprise and I didn’t understand too much of what´s were going… but I can remember how my parents looked into each other eyes… 
So, try it! just you and your partner or with other loved ones!
Not sure how to start? Contact us! 
Happy Planning! 




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