Legal Requirements for Wedding in México


Legal Requirements for Wedding in México

We know that you would love to have your Destination Wedding in México, either because the stunning beaches of turquoise colors or Mexican haciendas, or colonial cities full of life and history…whatever it’s your reason, one thing that you would like to do is make it legal and forget about any other plans… or not? 
In the last years planning weddings I notice that we start to have more symbolic ceremonies and religious ceremonies versus the legal one… why? they are more simple, can be customized additionally at the end it feels as real as any other ceremony. 
What are the requirements you need to get legally married at Riviera Maya and mostly all México? 
Arrive 4 business days or bank days, which are Monday to Friday. This is because most of the City Halls offices not work on Saturdays and  Sundays so they leave the documents ready prior weekend break. 
Think on travel with at least 4 witnesses, 2 for you, and 2 for your fiancé… they should present specific documents but also need to be here 4 business days. 
Blood test, oh! this is a very common question, what they test? why is asked for? it is basically testing any decrease that might affect the conception in a near future ( hopefully this change soon), this will be valid for 15 days, and must be done in México.. so, no you can bring it with you from home… ups! 
Passports, these will work as official IDs and will be really important not only for travel. 
Birth certificates might be required, but this will be based on the City Hall you have to use or the City. 
In case of all tourist planning to get marry in México and it is not Mexican resident; a “visa” will be required, more than a regular visa it is documented that you will fill out during your flight, so far is a small piece of paper white and green… it is your proof of arrival to México, it is important to leave the country later.. but also for your wedding will be important. 

Filled out the Legal request and ” Protesta” provided by the City Hall, this document is in spanish.. but will ask you for basically the same info you present.

Then it might be some variances on the documents but these are the basic ones… after the wedding you will be legally married under Mexican laws, it will be necessary to have your document translate and validated with a special stamp, the process usually can take from a month to 4 months depending the City Hall timing response… but consider this if you need to make legal procedures at home like name change or changes in your insurance… 
So a Legal wedding is an option for your wedding if you have not rush to get your Marriage certificate back… 
Most of our couples decide to avoid all this paperwork and use that extra time to spend more time during their weddingmoon…  that´s the reason why symbolic ceremonies, including Mayan ceremonies, become more and more popular… also nowadays there are more and more couples that don’t like the idea of legal procedures and tent to be more spiritual … ask your wedding planner for this option!

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