4 Tips for Only Adults Wedding

Having or not having kids at weddings and how parents take this situation.  We leave 4 tips for only adults wedding
We all love kids! but some couples just won’t have a romantic time not interrupted by a “scream” of one of those kids… or even better have a photobomb with the kids…  I remember my wedding day, right in the middle of the ceremony were 2 kids playing and they were total strangers! I only can laugh off that irony! so main of the reasons why couples want an only adult’s wedding are: 
1. It is the couple´s day and wants a romantic day. 
2. They want that all of their guests enjoy the day with them, offering a parenting free weekend or a least couple hours… 
Most of these couples don’t have kids at home so it is not weird that they ask them not have them at their Destination Wedding… in my case for sample; I have a wedding with kids, but honestly, I would prefer an only Adults wedding… why? it is different, but I know by experience that you as a host couple will have to concern about kids… and forget about their behavior… their safety!! 
Our reception was nearby a pool I was so concern, almost as much as most of my friends and/ or relatives, who are parents,  about having their kids around a pool!!  what are the ages? will everyone knows swim?!
However, it is hard to explain to your family and friends why kids will be welcome any other day; but not on your wedding day! 
Then there are couple things you can do: 
Host the wedding at only adults venue. It would be much easier to explain to your guests with kids that hotel/venue don’t accept kids because of their policies. End of discussion! shame on you!!! – don’t worries we understand you!- 
Offer babysitter info. Your wedding planner can help you with this… you can provide to your friends who cannot leave kids at home offer babysitter info. Most of the hotels offer this services or you can arrange specialized services. 
Double venue option, other option will do the ceremony for only adults and then dinner or reception in a place that accept kids, but again offering babysitter services in a separate room. Consider that in case of a Destination Wedding you might have to expend little extra in transfers for all your guests. 
Host your wedding at a hotel with family options. Sounds weird but some brands of hotels offers inside the same complex an only adults areas and family friendly areas; this allows to have everyone staying at the same hotel, have your wedding at only adults areas, and give to the parents some “mind of peace” having their kids under the same ” roof” 

Fortunately, this will help you to surf this situation, most time couples with kids will not see the advantage of a parenting free time… until they live it! don’t take it personally, with the time they will understand your reasons, and also you will understand theirs.

 Thanks a lot to our friends of DelSol Photography for this amazing pictures!!! 

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Happy Planning. 


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