5 Guest Book Ideas that we love

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Planning a gorgeous March wedding that we are sure you will love… some of the ideas we use with this wedding inspired us for this post… what is a wedding without a guest book?… who wouldn’t want to have a small piece of good wishes from your loved ones? 

Here are 5 Guestbook ideas we love for Destination Weddings and some quick tips to choose the perfect Guest Book for your amazing day!

There are tons of options outside… some you can customize to add your personality and love story on it!.. my favorite place and where I ordered mine … Etsy!. 
Well, for a Destination Wedding there are a few tips to choose wisely a guest book, why? because at the end you will be traveling back to home:

Easy to carry. Yes! for both options… on the way to your destination wedding venue and the way back to home, your future guest book should be easy to transport, light – we don’t want to pay extra for more baggage or special baggage – and preferably, not fragile … so
you won’t be concern about your guests book get damage during the luggage handle.

Easy to assemble: I know that you love that romantic super -complicated -to -assemble guestbook you saw on Pinterest… we suggest to try the things as simple as possible, remember that you won’t be there to assemble your guest book or explain to your guests how to use it… you really love it?, well in that case you can point someone on your wedding party, like a cousin or dear friend to assemble or explain to your guests how to use it…

Easy to storage or showcase
… yep! why you should have a gorgeous guestbook if you can show it at home?… ok! you might be a very private person it that case you can use a small traditional guest book… nowadays guests books are very visible at home ( at least mine it is) it reminds me the people who attended to my wedding, what a terrific day we had and also is a simple small and cute reminder, of how in love we are… at the end of the day is your call, you can define if you want to show it or keep it in private, but it is important to define what you will do with it after your wedding days pass.

Puzzle: Haha! I´m a puzzle person since a child, for me this a fun way to communicate and also to spend a really nice time with your partner!

Global map: what another item will scream Destination Wedding like a global map guest book? .. I love the idea that hangs this in your bedroom or living room!..   

Wedding date: Aha! this is perfect… especially for this couples that might forget their anniversary date… no more excuses!

Vinyl record: Love it! and I´m not a passionate of the music… but I love this idea for my friends who indeed are … if you are not so passionate about music, you can use this because you find your first song on a vinyl record and you can use it as a guestbook!

Hearts in a frame: ok this might be so sweet for the gentlemen.. but it is just really, really cute! imagine your guest signing small hearts… irresistible!

So, these are some ideas and quick tips for your guestbook .. I hope you find these ideas helpful for your future wedding

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