5 Items to avoid and same money!

After an almost a decade and some Destination Weddings including my own wedding- ehem!- I understand that we always want to save some money and at the same time have a wonderful event and delight our wedding guests… but keeping us out of bankruptcy! We usually want the whole package, right?. Well today I would like to suggest you some items, that based on our experience, you can avoid for your Destination Wedding and save some money.

Veil. It is a perfect frame for a Bride, and most of our we can not picture ourselves without one because represent a perfect image of a bride to be… despite that we can suggest you keep your veil for a Catholic or inside ceremony, in case of Destination Wedding at a gorgeous beach we suggest other options … a windy day can make your veil an uncomfortable element during the ceremony if you have it all over your face… try other options, for example, flowers.

Wedding Programs. Either in a form of paper fans, fans, of regular programs… these looks so cute over the chairs, and are perfect for weddings on the beach, if the day is not too windy. However after the ceremony I had the opportunity to pick up basically all of them. Guests are not longer concern to keep them, so they or us have to throw them away.
Wedding Shoes. Shoes are what we love! Having special shoes for your wedding that are at the same time comfortable and gorgeous it is a must… but, will be your wedding at the beach? Well in that case;  nice sandals or even that stunning foot jewelry will work wonderful! and they usually cost pretty less than shoes.
Special Cocktail Napkins. We all seen these wedding napkins at parties, especially at garden parties and with your names stamped in gold, they are a dream! 
Ask your caterer if they provide napkins, most of them will do it, in this way you will save some money.


Bubbles as ceremony favors: Yes! we all love bubbles! In case of a beach wedding ceremony, use them can be a challenge, especially if the ceremony is prior sunset, because you will have plenty light and you won’t be able to see them… additionally some guests might forget to use them. Try other options like colored beach balls, rose petals…


We will love to help you and plan such special day! 

Happy Planning. 


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