5 Mens Details for Wedding that you will love!


5 Mens Details for Wedding that you will love!

We know that probably most of the people who read us are women… today I would like a talk about boys! … yes! Boys at weddings… well traditionally they don’t do too much, besides pop the question, and help with a few decisions… thank God this is changing and boys are getting more involved in the wedding planning… and I say thank God! because sometimes it is hard to decide and your input (boys) is really appreciate.
Speaking then about weddings, we all know understand that traditionally the “star” has been the Bride, at least for the past decades… but now this is changing and our new starts are willing to share and shine with their Loves! … the result? 
Weddings that share us a Love Story, so customized that you can doubt about a detail… there are times that when I saw a bouquet or a wedding details, I just say ” it is so Casey, or Kristen, or… ” because the bouquet style, colors, and other details really represent her… well this changes on traditions and a more interest of many boys / gentlemen to be part of this process  – and we thank you, boys! – also allows that they add a little of their charm into such special day…
So let me show you 5 Mens details or boutonnieres to wear that you will love!
1. The beloved ones. There is always a way to remember those who can attend or for some reason they leave us… this small picture frame at a boutonnieres is a nice, simple and elegant touch to do that… and the good part… boutonnieres are usually at the left side ( heart side) so you keep your beloved ones near to your heart… Isn’t poetic? 
2. The golfer style. So your future husband- to love the golf? now you can add this small game to his wedding outfit… what about this boutonnieres? 
3. Sailing style. I love this pic! especially for the feeling, it is so casual.. so it is perfect for a Destination wedding or a Wedding near to a lake, especially if he likes this kind of sports… 
4. Title style. I just so fun! All the groomsmen can wear a pin with this title on the wedding… or with other nicknames, it is just to personalized that is great… also will be so helpful for those who don’t know all the party… for sample relatives that you don’t see in a while, they will easily identify the Best Men ! 
5. Paper flowers. This is perfect for a Destination wedding in México!!… no kidding the colors match perfectly that kind of soiree and at the same time is fun! 
Well, you now know that besides flowers you can also use other items for boutonnieres and make them fun and personalized… I`ve seen flowers, starfish, seashells, feathers, etc working perfectly for this moment. It will be just a small and fun twist! 

Happy Planning!

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