5 Wedding Centerpieces With Minimum Flowers

 Wedding Centerpieces with candles
Today after going around Pinterest… just to sneak peek what´s happening I cross with the idea that I talked many different subjects… but none related to centerpieces! Which are one of the basics for a wedding… a nice well-done centerpiece can make a huge difference between how a table looks and how our guests feel about our event.  

Wedding centerpieces with minimum flowers

We all love flower centerpieces, but not always can afford a peonies centerpieces (especially if peonies are imported flowers and little pricey at Riviera Maya area, but let me show you with some different options with a minimum of flowers that still looks pretty,  and works wonderfully! 


  • Candles: Oh! they are so romantic, and bring that ambience to the table, additionally their candid light is perfect to make our event wonderful… quick tip about them,  sometimes in this area is hard to keep them lit, I suggested in the past to use power lit but also a mix of power lit candles and real candles will hide those “not so real” candles …but if your event is inside or part inside – part outside, then they work terrifically… I mean the real ones. 

  • Lanterns: Just like candles they can be used for the ceremony and then after for the dinner tables; and due to the candle inside is cover they usually last longer… also you can add a few floors around or on it… just to add a touch of color! 

  • Branches: Let´s face it, one of the most iconic trends of this years has been “organic weddings” but with a very high minimalist feeling… then branches with candles, or just with a few flowers especially if is an early cocktail time, looks gorgeous! 
  • Wine Bottles: Keeping above idea of ” organic weddings” but turn it a little bit in “green weddings” why not use old wine bottles as centerpieces, I found great ideas from paint them, to keep them as they are…. adding a touches of flowers for some color, or candles for light, they can also work as table numbers, so they will have a double use…. other option paint them with chalk board paint, and place them on the tables, your friends can leave you a message write right on the bottle like a guest book! 

  • Pineapple: Yes! I probably made the exact same face when I saw them not only online but also alive! it is a fun idea, especially for a beach reception or a beach rehearsal dinner,  it might be not my favorites, but they look tropical and fun and totally Caribbean! 


Well, these were just couples ideas that I hope works for you…  cause we understand that planning a wedding from the distance it can be fun but at the same time challenging… I hope this quick tip helps you to find the perfect ideas for such special day. 
Would you like some help? 
Happy Planning 

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