Bachelorette Party Weekend in Mexico


I hope everything is been incredible!… we are been working hard with weddings, photos, and courses to improve our services for you… something that you might not know that we offer the service to plan Bachelorette Party in Mexico!

I know that most of the Bachelorette party is one of the most popular parties in a woman`s life ( and to be honest in the couple`s life) specially because marks the change from one life status to another… sounds boring, but it is true… anyway why not have a small party with our friends and family members to celebrate!

Most of this parties are planned for the bride- to- be- friends or for the family, and it can be as formal as you wish… some do cup cakes parties, or themed parties, like a brunch or breakfast or a small cocktail time at home… your friends will plan it but you can decide what you want… others for example prefers to go out at night, or a dinner… it`s your time with your friends… enjoy it!

Our proposal? Travel! Nothing breaks the routine like a trip, and to be honest in the days that will come you will have not too many chances to make a trip with your friends… why? well; schedules, the wedding planning, the honeymoon; home changes, even, planned or not maybe a baby… so why no, enjoy a weekend with your friends, enjoying a pool, the beach, and margaritas!!!

Plan a Bachelorette party in Mexico is simple, We have different options to recommend you.  Here is our top 3 fav!:


Roof pool party: Our friends at Thompson Playa del Carmen created special packages to enjoy a morning with your friends, margaritas, music and great food at their roof pool, you will have an amazing view of Playa del Carmen a lot of sun, and of course, hotel is located a few steps from the 5th avenue so you can also do some shopping or plan a night out!


Hotel stay: I know that a hotel stay sounds boring, and something really common, how this can be different? Well our friends of Breathless Riviera Cancun has an amazing package to stay… and not only the place is perfect for a Bachelorette because they have pool parties, djs, and the whole hotel concept was done for the guests to enjoy great parties…


Yacht trip: Other popular option is a Yacht trip that can be easily rent in the area for the day or half day, you an your friends can enjoy of a small trip, beverages and the sun on your skin as long as you want… one or 2 stops to swim or snorkeling can be an option!

So these are some of our favorite options for Bachelorette in Mexico, we can help you to plan these or other fun ideas!

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