Bachelorette Party Must-haves



How are you? We still planning a weddings and all romance-related events… Bachelorette parties are something that is increasing these days, and we love the vibe of them!… traveling with your besties is one of the top things you must do before getting married.

You will hear a lot of things about a Bachelorette party in Mexico, and we already told you about our fav 3 places or ideas where you can have your Bash … now we would like to talk about our fav items that you must-have for the party… forget the mini veil!


Our beach bachelorette party must-haves:

Sun Hats: Either if you prefer a sun hat like a Pamela with your name, the legend “wifey” or “Bride”… or something more sporty as a Cap or other Hat option don’t forget your squad! Your girls will love this and additionally are so basic either for day to day or for a vacation.

Water bottles: I know you use for water …most of the time… but tried them in the past and I found some positive reasons to keep them on this list… they are fun, keep your drink cool, reduce number of visits to the bar or waiting time to the staff because serves more than 1 glass… and of course! you take care of the ambiance…and it is a perfect souvenir for your Bachelorette party!

Tank tops: This is also a must for a Bachelorette, it can be so much fun these and you can find them in different colors, options!!! Your squad will love them, and additionally, if you have a night out you will have great photos to share at Instagram, Facebook!

 Party Sun Glasses: What is a beach party without sunglasses? 

Well, you can try them with a Bride Tribe legend they come in different shades and colors! your girls will love them!

Pool Floats: Let’s do an extra fav! If you are planning a Bachelorette party in Mexico that involves the beach,  pool parties…and extra fun item will be a pool float! It can be either in a mini version to each of your bridesmaids or a big one to share, or even one with a game included!

So you already have a couple of extra options for that party in Mexico that you are dreaming with!

Remember that we can help you to plan a great Bachelorette Getaway that goes beyond unforgettable.  

Contact us! In case you are still looking for some help, after feeling overwhelming with your Destination Wedding Planning.



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