Bridom: When you are a Bride and Mom


We all know what to be a mom means, and, sometimes we forget about those wonderful persons that are for us like our moms… like grandma, grandpa, daddy, mommy or aunty… it does not matter, the matter here is how they are so deeply in love with their babies and family… because been a mom these days is not always a women’s work.
This year is my first year as a mom! and to be honest, it been hardest that I ever imagined… and I imagined that will be tough… but the reality is beyond any of my crazy ideas. Just forgot about the lack of sleep, the constant requirement of a tiny new human been… as soon as your “little sunshine” smiles all is erased! It is magical!

Now imagine all those feelings and at the same time a Bride- to – be, with all those details to plan, the parties, the friends, the family, and your belly growing … it is a completely different feeling… or just imagine if you are planning your wedding and you have your little kids snuggling at your leg, asking for attention in the middle of a meeting or when you are fitting your wedding gown..

Here are some tips… more as Wedding planner versus “Bridom” because despite all that day it is for you… but there is also a small little piece of your heart involved in the planning.


Here are some wedding tips:

Pregnant Bride:
You were super excited about the proposal and suddenly notice that you are pregnant… well, in that case, the suggestion is that wedding occurs between the 3rd and 6th month of pregnancy.. after this time it can be risky but possible.. not sure about dress up your belly bottom? well, in that case, a princess cut dress is perfect and avoid the strapples.. all those things you heard about boobs growing are true!… wow moment: surprise your husband and guests revealing the gender of the baby in the cake!


Bridom ( Bride & Mom) : You are already mom and a bride, if your kids are not too young you can include them in the Bridal party and the planning, for example as flower girl or ring bearer, don’t forget to invite some couples with kids of the same age… give them some activities during the wedding. We all love the trend of the Tipi tents, but kids will enjoy them as much as adults, it is like camping on the beach! …. now another option is to hire a nanny for the event, in that case, parents will be relaxed if they know that kids are close by and someone is taking care of them.
So, now that you become a mom… or you are already a mom; but also you are planning your wedding, we hope that these quick ideas make that day unforgettable and at the same time include your kids; after all, they are a very important part in your lives.
and… Happy Mother´s day!!!   

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