Destination Wedding Budget Tips

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We all love weddings, they are fun, everyone is happy and you share special moments with your family and friends…
but, – there is always a but- for the couple and, sometimes the family there are expenses not easy to cover.
This is why a Wedding Planner is so important; because not only negotiate prices but also will find suppliers that will adjusted to your budget and still offers a professional service.

Keeping your wedding budget.

So these are quick tips to help you to make and keep your wedding budget.


Define Guest list. This will be the most important part, because based on that number or the “final head count” will be the cost of most of the items, for sample, number of chairs, food, drinks, tables, etc… and consider that for a regular wedding 20% of the guest don’t show up… in case of a Destination Wedding, well, that number increases to almost double.

Separate from Honeymoon Budget.

I love to travel! What I do is quote everything in advance to give me an idea of the cost and then separate the money… this helps me to keep items separate. Try this system with your wedding budget. Separate the cost of the travel expenses and the wedding expenses. At the end you are talking about different things.

Keep it local. We all have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest … we fall in love with all what we see in there! … so try to keep it local, which means that you can not only work with local vendors but also use local flowers or local items that won’t be so expensive versus imported items… Peonies, Tulips, Ranuculos, orchids are part of my favorite flowers but they are imported.. so usually they are out of budget… in the other hand, Roses, Hydrangeas, lisianthus or birds of paradise are local and looks similar than imported.

Use the Rentals provided. This will save you some money. Why? if Venue provides already some items, take advantage of … a regular sofa can change a lot with only a cushion. The cost is really different from rent a sofa versus rent only a cushion.

Considering that a wedding budget will be something personal, because at the end of the day it talks about our financial info, status, etc.. once you quote in advance with a Wedding Planner you will have a better idea of the cost of each item; this will helpful when you decide with your fiancé if you can cover the cost of the wedding or make some adjusts…

We will always recommend to have a local Wedding Planner... not only because we are one.. we do it because we know all the work involve when you are planning a Destination Wedding.  We have access to the suppliers and we have an idea of the cost for most of the items, we can quickly provide you with a proposal or estimate for your wedding and help you to make that dream come true!

So don’t hesitate it!

Call us!

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