How to choose your perfect Bridal Bouquet


Alo!  We continue here, next to you trying to keep the mood and at the same time working to help you and help many couples around the world to plan their wedding. 

Choosing your bridal bouquet sounds easy, right?, Dive into Pinterest,  pick the flowers you most like, in the colors you have in mind and voila! 

Beauties, that one would be the easiest way, and the way as many people would do it,  but we are not here to be average; so let us share with you some tips to choose your perfect bridal bouquet… still, you can visit Pinterest for inspiration only. 


Picking the right flower colors

Let’s do aside, for a moment, those flowers you really love. Choosing the right colors for your bouquet would bring everything aspect of your wedding into a single concept.

First, wedding date, are you getting married during spring, summer, autumn or winter? This still is important considering. Coloring wise during spring we have blushes, peaches, and soft colors, summer brings up the colors with more vibrant tones, but by autumn we start to see more orange, darker colors and by the end of the year burgundy, purples. 

This does not mean you can have burgundy for a beach wedding in Mexico during summer, it is your wedding so we still can break some rules, as far everything goes into the same concept.

We had a Jungle style Destination Wedding at Tulum last March it has a tropical feeling with red flowers and a king protea as a centerpiece, she was wearing an elegant dress with veil and bridesmaids wore black dresses with paired bouquets. The whole feeling of the event was Elegant Jungle.




Get the right Bridal bouquet style 

There are different bouquet styles, hand-tied and cascade are the most popular, because they match must of the wedding concepts plus they are more present at brides minds. 

  • Unestructure: This style of bouquet is getting strange specially for destination weddings in México in areas like Tulum, Riviera Maya or San Miguel de Allende, where most of the couples going far from traditional and are making their own rules to truly have an event that belongs to both of them. 
  • Just picked: This style offers a sense of flowers just picked up as its name mentioned, in our opinion they are perfect for Destination Weddings during spring or summer,  or for weddings with a laid back feeling. 
  • Cascade: I want to make some quick note for the cascade style, because it has a lot of fans especially between royals.
  • Preferably have them  made of orchids, those flowers are easily arrange in cascade and wont fall of. Heavy flowers usually falls so if you are looking for large peonies, birds of paradise or something similar, try to keep them in the center of the bouquet. You really  want to walk in and out your ceremony with a full bouquet.
  • Consider how high you are: A cascade bouquet could feel funny if you are petite or you have to order a short cascade for you.



What are your right flowers? 

All the flowers you are crazy about are great options, however it is also important to take in consideration that some flowers are seasonal and the style you are working for your wedding so it won’t feel out of place.

All those flowers that are meaningful for you or your partner in crime, would roses the first flowers you first got? Was gardenias the favorites flowers of your grandmother? You can add those flowers into your bouquet to craft something unique and that really means something for you. 

Whatever you decide about flowers, I’m sure it would be gorgeous, our best advice enjoy the day! 

Happy Planning 



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