Mom at Your Wedding, How to Include Her?


Moms are important in our lives, no matter that sometimes our relationships are not the best… mine, for example, is a great person, but for some reason our communication it´s been always soo complicate … but this is perhaps because we are very similar ( sometimes I hope not)… anyway not even cause of that I denied that she is terrific and has been such a great support in my life… on her own very way!… so why not make a small post on how we can include our moms in our wedding day, no matter how our relationship has been, I`m sure that they in some specific way give us something that we can not always understand…her unconditional love!

Mom at your Wedding

So these are some forms to include her or that special woman in our special day. 
  • Planning:  She can help us with the guest list, or cake, or send the invites… something that I cannot pass away, was buy my wedding dress without my mom and sister… so include her when you go out for your dress, or to one of the fitting… 
  • Ceremony: I love this part! cause we can do too many options, for example, give you away ( I made this) it is more a Jewish tradition but I thought that she also deserves some credit, my dad is my dad! but I have to say  that mom had also a lot to do (ok, ok a lot more than my dad; raised 2 kids with her family away, it should not been easy)… another option is that she read a scripture, carry the rings, or be your matron of honor… if you are including foreign traditions or it is a multicultural wedding, then she can delivery the coins for the “coins ceremony” or the Laso for the “Lazo Ceremony”… it is very common for us to do the Sand Ceremony, so you can include both moms at that ceremony, or only delivery to them a white rose during the ceremony… there are a lot of meaningful options .. and she will love it! 
  • Reception: This can also be funny and nice touch, for a sample you can have a dance with her, like a mother-daughter dance, or let her made a speech during the dinner…
So these are just a few tips on how we can honor her during our wedding… cause at the end and in my personal way to see the things, she is part of our roots… she makes us the strong, intelligent, funny, passionate and incredible woman into we become! 
Happy Planning!
Planning your special day! 

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