Planning a Destination Wedding?….Quick tips.

Planning a Destination Wedding?….Quick tips.


I am honored to say that I helped a lot of couples to plan their dreamed wedding at Riviera Maya… but definitely there are some tips that I want to share:

1. Hire a Travel Agent: Everyone understands that hire a Travel Agent will have a higher cost versus do it yourself… the true, it will be a point of the planning process where you will be overwhelming with thousands of questions from your guests… and hire that extra hands to help you and help them to find the best deals possible, schedule transfers, flights, etc leaving you more time for the wedding planning… you won’t want to plan your wedding and have to plan your family and friends vacation… so it worth it… our friends from are great in this!!!

2. Hire a Wedding Planner / Wedding Coordinator: There is a difference, basically, the coordinator will coordinate the event on the day off and orchestrate that all things happened as you planned. Wedding Planner will assist you during the planning process doing some inputs and providing an extra pair of hands for. She/he knows the destination better than you and can be your eyes if you are far away…so call us!!!

3. Do Site Inspection… We all know that photos of hotels, Venuesetcx, are gorgeous, but we definitely suggest to do a quick visit … as much as possible for you, it is clear that planning at distance can be stressful… but I`d seen this stress reduced in a lot of couples after their site inspection… first you see the place as it is, then you can imagine what you can do on it for your wedding and important if you have the meeting with your wedding planning then all emails will have a face! Someone to trust…

4. Do a make up & Hairstyle trial on site: If you are thinking to have a specialist on this matter, we suggest to do a quick trial… ok, this might cost extra, but the know exactly how you will looks on your wedding day… and most important that you like it!!! it might be priceless… if you are planning to do your own make up & hair, then not worries… but we suggest to check the styles based on if you have a outdoor ceremony and reception locations or an indoors… someone suggested: Melissa Parry she did the make up & hair of my wedding.. and it was great!!!!


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