Summer Treats for Your Guests


As you well know we are located in México, so our weather is pretty much the same and for us that we live in Playa del Carmen, near to Cancun the temperature is around 80´s F most part of the year.  But there is something different when summer arrives… it is something in the air!


Summer treats for your guests


Anyway, last time I was outside on the beach,  checking a set up of a wedding with a beautiful sunny day and the turquoise water … I just thought ” OMG! a cool beer will be great right now!”


That was the origin of this post… all those great ideas for a summer wedding to just “wow” your guest while also refresh them!!  You know something of “icing love” … 

  • Beer Bar: oh! sound like a great idea, I think your partner and friends will cheer this decision, must of us enjoy a good beer under the sun…  try with those brands that you know they like.. or if you want to be little adventurous, the Riviera Maya area starts to produce an artisanal option… Tulum Beer is easy to find at the supermarket! 
  • Ice Crea Bar.. let´s face it, we all have great childhood memories with an ice cream as our “partner in crime” … so we can give this at the end of the reception, it would provide enough sugar and also great stories! If you reception is near to the beach, please consider to serve it near to the end…  not everyone likes hot ice cream…
  • Ice Popsicle: this is another option, and I love it,  we can add our colors, or have your special flavor.  It is a great option for kids, and for adults, it can have a twist of … Mezcal! Our friends from Palettiux Cancun have great options!! 
  • Frozen…. ok! let`s face it I don’t know how do you call it, in México we call them Raspados or Granizados… there is pic on this blog, but is like frozen ice with sirup of some fruit like Tamarind, which is my fav! but also lemon, or strawberry! 

  • Fruit brochetta: Yes! watermelon, strawberries or blue berries, I love them just chilled with making a brochetta,  it is healthy refreshment option… and your friends will also love it!
  • Coconuts: let´s face it, nothing screams beach like “coconuts” good notice, their water is perfect for hydration, it is good for the skin.. and in case of a party… well… we can always add a twist of Tequila or Rum!… 
Hope you enjoy this quick tips, summer is almost here! 
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Happy Planning 

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