Sunset beach wedding , perfect time to say I do!


sunset beach weddingIs Sunset time, perfect to say I do for a beach wedding?

Feel the sand under your feet, while the sound of the Ocean at your back sounds, quiet, unbreakable, powerful, and the sun setting at the horizon tinted the blue sky with peach, soft pink, and purple colors… and you holding your fiancé’s hands and looking into his eyes while you promise to be faithful, honor him…. is this your perfect wedding picture? Do you a want a beach wedding at sunset?

It is true this is such a romantic image and most brides-to-be planning a Beach wedding want it… is this possible? Ye, sunset beach ceremonies are great! The sun is going down offers great scenery for pictures, but is this the only time? What happened is this time is not available? Do you forget your dreamed wedding, to seek other options?

Have a sunset wedding it has a lot of pros; for a sample , t is not so hot, your can have your portrait with amazing backgrounds… follow it for a reception dinner or even and after party… but is this the only option?


In this past year I`d seen couples doing a Sunrise ceremony or even, an After Sunset ceremonies… but is this ok? Well it is ok if you think it is….


 Sunrise ceremonies offer a cool weather, and the option to have brunch, and evening events… especially for a Destination Wedding, – don´t be afraid to kidnap your beloved ones on your wedding day they are there with you for one reason… YOUR Wedding day.

After Sunset weddings have also advantages… for sample, candles and any special light used for the decor will stand up much better, because is dark … of course you can always plan a First look photo session prior to the ceremony… and or even photos of everyone prior the ceremony… after ceremony, you will have the moon as your witness.



sunset reception

What about midday wedding ceremony? of course, it has pros and cons; but if your image is having the ceremony on the beach at that time, we suggest to find coverage for you and your beloved ones.. especially if the beach is located in a paradisiac destination place…


Therefore the time you choose for your wedding ceremony will define the ambiance for the wedding and also for the festivities after it… but be creative!


Happy Planning


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