Tips: Ring Bearer & Flower girl

flower girlWe all fell in love with those little persons, all dress up like grown ups and just to in their “character” that we can not keep a smile while they walk down the aisle.
Oh! yes, those little persons all dress up with matching ties, dresses, and carrying with solemnity the rings or throwing rose petals, are the only ones authorized to steal the show for 1  minute before the bride!
However not everything is kids game, and make that all those kids work with us and understand how important is their input, assistance and “task” during the ceremony it could be challenging, for all, it will require a lot of patience,  a lot of communication, and more patience… don’t forget that they are kids, this also should be fun for them… otherwise you will lose their attention.


Some quick tips to make this a better experience for all:

ring bearer
  • Try to have a flower girl and/ or Ring Bearer between 3 and 5 years old, if they are youngest they will be hyper-cute, but it would be harder to explain to them what do you expect from them and why it is important. 
  • Make a quick, very quick rehearsal. Kids usually lost concentration easily and try to make it as fun as possible so they will be involved.
  • Explain to them why are their tasks important, what the day means for you and what do you expect for them.  If for some reason they did their best but it is not exactly what you had in mind remember they are kids. so it sounds fun, important, it would be great for them.
  • Reward their effort and show your appreciation because they decide to be part of your bridal party.
Ring Bearer & Flower girl

But above all, don’t forget that they are kids. Adults tend to forget how been a kid feels and how simple things make you happy. But also,  who you feel like a “superstar” or ” superhero” when an important task was designated to you. So take advantage of that. 

Once wedding ceremony is over don’t forget to have some specials at the reception,  tables and chairs for them will be a plus, paper and color pens extras or any game they can play during when they got little boring, not sure if you want to have kids at your reception, consider then a babysitting service near.

We hope these quick tips help you to give you everyone, even the little ones, a great experience!

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Happy Planning!

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