Wedding Catering Trend: Cheese??

I know!!! Probably you are thinking that I should hit myself with something… but I recently read and article at Wedding Planner Magazine about how you can use the cheese…. yes! you hear well… read fine… Cheese! perfect topic for today´s post…
Why cheese would be so great for weddings?  Based on this article cheese is something common – which is true-  everybody is familiarized with cheese or at least have seen it once in their lives… or not?
How we can do a twist of this so common food?! I`m personally declare myself as a Cheese Lover! ok probably that’s to drastic, but it is true… Love how cheese taste! Gouda, Cambermbert, Brie, Oaxaca Style, Parmesan, Swiss…

  • Paired with Wines
Yumie!! this is my favorite option! and it is a perfect option if you want to cut a little bit the cost of the cocktail time or the welcome drink … not sure what wine to serve? … for sample for an evening wedding at #Mexico or a #DestinationWedding at #RivieraMaya you can serve a sweet white wine with soft cheeses with some fruits, this will be refreshing for your guests ….  

  • Paired with beers
Ok, I am not a really beer fan… but this can be a great option specially for a #beachwedding which is more casual, so also can help us to reduce the cost of a cocktail time… point for that! 
How can you reduce the cost of a cocktail with cheese.. well, try a Mexican Beer paired with sweet cheese… it will be refreshing and the cost of a Mexican Beer with be lower than a liquor required for do cocktails or event wine or champagne.

  • Wedding wheel cheese 
Ok! this is for real Cheese Lovers! not everyone will enjoy a Wedding wheel cheese “Cake”… but it is  a great option to do a twist of the traditional wedding cake, for a #DestinationWedding will be more appropriate if you are planning a wedding at a winery… at least that`s will be my opinion …. it will be funny to have it at for a #beachwedding but, who knows? 

  • Serve it as part of your canapés.
Aja! who knows that cheese can be so versatile!!!… this is a most traditional way to present them, but can be always be different changing the type of cheese, or the way it looks, or making it simple… sky is our limit! 
  • Making it part of the dessert
OMG! this will just so fun!! One of my favorite dessert is a gorgonzola cheese and chocolate dessert… it is just sublime! and a great twist to incorporate a little cheese at your wedding, and change a little the traditional cake or dessert for the wedding. 
Don`t forget that some guest might have dietary restrictions or special dietary requirements, so it will be important to have a couple options for them like lactose free or vegan… 
Happy Planning!

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