Wedding Planning: Mom… Help!!!



Mom … Help!

mom and brideThere are tons of things that mama can help us for the wedding some fun.. some not so fun.. but extra hands are always welcome… not sure? try it. I know that we don’t what to put some wedding stuff into her hands … there are mothers of all kinds and if you have a good relationship with yours it will a great sample of love… not in a really good relationship with her or your future mother -in- law… involve them in small- not-so-important-tasks will provide them with something to do, and at the same time they will feel appreciate and helpful.. that`s all that a mother wants… at least mine wants!…

According to with Etiquette some things that a mom can do are:

  • Help you on the guest list: 

You perhaps are not so sure to invite that weird aunt ( I know … I have the same feeling) but at the end of the day, she will help you to have an idea whom should be at that day… weird or not…

  • Help you with the thank you cards: 

Oh! yes if you leave shortly after the wedding, someone has to send the “thank you cards” and mom can help you.. especially because she has the list!






  • Meeting suppliers for the wedding:
 Let´s face it,  nowadays it is hard that a bride drops her career to plan her wedding in full time, so mom will be perfect, especially if you are planning a Destination Wedding. 
Omg! is all I have to say… I organized a South Asian Wedding of 75 people… and if there is something to say about them, is that Mrs. Patel, Mother of the Bride, had the power to move each member of her family like soldiers!!  not easy, but is part of mom`s power! 

  • Help you to choose your wedding dress – personally, I love this moment!! –
  • Help you to do the seating chart.. aha! especially if you are inviting that weir aunt… mmmm!!!
  • Assure you will look stunning on that day…no matter what! 
  • Wedding registry… yes! why not… it is like going shopping!!! so invite mom! 
  • Scort you go down to the aisle, this is more common for Jewish ceremonies, but another religious start to doing this as a form to honor the mom’s figure.. at the end of the day they were also part of you! 
  • Be a mom! … so she can cry with you!!! 
So just enjoy the moment… Mom will be there always for you
Happy Planning!

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