Why we decided to be Wedding Planners?


We had been talking about so many subjects in the past posts. But really never tell you, why we decide to become Wedding Planners?


To be honest I think most of us – Wedding Planners- suffers a little of OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ), mixed with a lot of passion for what we do, lots of energy and patience…

I found these characteristics in most of my co-workers; some of them with more energy, others with more patience… anyway, all of them are in love with what they are doing… this is the main factor in this industry.

The life had taken us by different paths during the past years, and a not so random day… we decided to become wedding planners ..it was the day when we found that our passion is to help couples in such important day…

What do we do?

Couples trust us the most important day of their lives and place that trust in our hands, expertise, and experience… I know it sounds trite, but, it is very meaningful; couples decide to share a life together, found in an unselfish idea that life will be great together!


Is our ideal too! The heart of Better Together Mexico! We believe in that kind of love, the one that can share life, make deep changes in us and transforms us into a better version of us!. It does not matter what kind of love is… we don’t believe in tags. For us; love is love, pure, deep and unique… it can be family love, brotherhood love, straight love, same-sex love, intercultural love, maternal love or simply the love to ourselves.

Love is the star guiding us in the darkness and it can be the force that changes the world… our personal world. This is why we become Wedding Planners. We love to team up with couples, assisting them to start a new path; one,  that will change their lives… forever.


What happens when things don’t work- out? Well in my personal experience, it is only a different experience… it makes us also better; it is a lesson that teaches us…

we not only want to congratulate all our co-workers, who are wonderful people but also we want to let you know that we are here for you, because we believe in that love and we will integrate all our expertise, ideas and heart to make of your wedding day an unforgettable experience… so if you are planning a wedding, trust in a Wedding Planner, outside, there are professionals that will be happy to share the day with you… and make of your Wedding day, a day to remember!




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