Wonderful ideas to Honor Dad On Your Wedding Day


Dad is our hero! We can forget that he taught us how to ride or how to play any sport. Even if we are not a sporty person. I`m sure you have great memories with him. The Wedding day can be, a day full of mixed emotions for him. Here are some wonderful ideas to Honor Dad that day. 

We talked about how to include mom at the wedding; but and dad? I know he has important moments at the wedding, how to deliver the bride, the first dance … oh! pay the bill, if it is very traditional in this aspect …

There are other ways to include and honor that man who sees us as his princesses, his first loves (true your mom was first, but it is a different feeling), so here are some tips to include it a little bit more, oh! 


Dad`s First Look 

This is something very nice and you can work with your Wedding Planner together with the photographer, what is it about? It’s very simple instead of seeing the groom before the wedding and taking pictures you can see your dad when you are already dressed

You will love having a picture of his reaction, once he sees you in your wedding gown for the very first time. 

You can decide if you do this and also the session with your future husband. it will take a little more time but totally worth it.



Gift for dad


It’s always nice to thank dad for all he has done for us. Not only on the day of the wedding

but everything he has done along the way. So why not show him that with a small present and a note to tell him how much do you love him.

Do not forget to have the photographer nearby and informed!



dadweddingspeachToast from dad

We know dad often is who pays the bill for the wedding, it is the tradition. He is the one who gives you away, with whom we dance…Allow him a small toast at the beginning of the reception, something like a welcome or thank you toast.

Try some of this tips at the end you will have some laughs, and possibly some tears of emotion and many, many beautiful memories!  You will see how those strong arms that took you by the hand, many times, are somewhat more fragile than you thought when delivering something you love so much. 


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