2018 trends Bridal Gown, white or… colored gown?

Nothing like the Bridal Fashion Week to inspire us with gorgeous Bridal Gowns… and give us some ideas &  new trends!!!

White or Colored Gown?

The Bridal Gown is one of the most important things in your “Wedding – to-do-list”! and it will be one of fist… so… traditional or nontraditional dress?… that`s the question!

Traditional… a White wedding gown is the most traditional accessory for a wedding and of course most us ( ladies) have a vision of a Bride in a white dress… well not all of us!


Yes! We know, we can set in this category Ivory, Pearl, champagne o the color that suits best your skin tone, but also we start seeing more colored options for Bridal Gowns, totally different from the White traditional version.


Pink Lovers! Now is your chance!!! Have a wedding dress in pink is gaining followers so quickly after some Hollywood starts stands up and wear it.. it not traditional of course.. but also an option!


Vera Wang for sample presented Pink and colored Bridal Gowns… nothing screams more “Non-traditional Bride” like a colored dress… despite that, she kept her all well known ” clean & romantic” style…

Pink wedding gown beach bride


Now if you want to go out of traditional range… then what do you think about this Stripe gown inspired by Kate Spade theme or a Gold Bridal Gown?

I know it is completely unique and I love it!

Ok, ok, it might be not a traditional image for a Destination Wedding, but of course, Mexico has a lot of landscaping to pair this or any other dress…. don’t forget that,  the most important thing when you get yours… it is that you feel yourself!!!

Not sure how to start your destination wedding planning? feel free to contact us we will love to work with you!



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