Destination Bridesmaids Dresses Trends for 2018

Destination bridesmaids dress trends that you will love. Forget about all those boring dresses. Sequin, multicolored, floral style are the new options. 
1.Traditional… Let´s call it traditional because all ladies are wearing the same color and even same shape. How is this changing? Now we can do multi-way dresses or adjust the shape to each of our ladies.
Pros. They will feel much better wearing something in what they feel confident.
Cons. They are so traditional that perhaps your ladies won’t wear it again. 
2.Multicolored. Love this option!!! It is one of my favs! You can use the same color scheme for all in different tones or go with totally different color options. You can also play with the ombre. Your choice!

Pros.Perfect for a beach wedding!
Cons. It might be hard for a large number of Bridesmaids.
3.Floral. This start to be so trendy, especially for Destination Weddings either for a gorgeous beach, a cultural city or a garden. This kind of dress is perfect for spring- summer wedding. 

Pros. Is super trendy & boho, this style is perfect to something casual.
Cons. Probably it is so casual that, for autumn – winter weddings, might not be a good option. 
4.Sequin, Let`s face it we all love to shine! This dresses in their version metallic, gold, rose gold, silver or any other hue are perfect for any wedding; anytime… if you add the mix- match; then wow! 

Pros. Perfect for weddings at any season, beach, church, Hacienda.
Cons. Preferably for late weddings if you follow the etiquette. 

 5.Mix & Match color. This trend breaks the traditional idea that all bridesmaids must dress the same color and dress. Provide a hint of color and play with them. You can use the Pantone color of the year in different shades. 

Pros. it is easy, playful, casual and relaxes, that your bridesmaids can wear them after the wedding day.
Cons. Try with colors in the same scheme or range in that way they will combine between them. 
6. Greenery prints.  We have to admit that greenery has been a big deal this year. You can add a touch of that to your bridal party. 
Pros. Perfect for destination weddings. Add a touch of glam and style. Your bridesmaids can wear them again for other beach parties. 
Cons. They are so beachy that can they can be only wearable at the beach. 
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