Elopement in Mexico is Trendy


Alo! , Wondering how are you out there? Things are quiet right now and that gives me a break between work and mom’s duty to write a little. Days are moving slow and different from what we used to do. 

Nowadays the wedding industry and tourist and many other sectors will face a change. Like our dear friend Olaf thoughts us; ” we are right now at enchanted forest a point that will transform us, based in our own powers or the “lack of them” and we will understand that once we grow up.

Elopement in Mexico is Trendy 

Hell yeah! Most of us won’t even consider running away and have a super intimate ceremony with just the closest people in our lives.

It requires a lot of courage to do that step and don’t feel guilty when people start wondering why we didn’t do a wedding. They would be there with us and celebrate!

With the changes that we are facing in the world having an elopement doesn’t sound crazy or feel socially despicable anymore; am I right? 


romance in Puebla

In past Mexico has proved to be a great Destination for Elopements, offering hidden lagoons, pristine beaches full of sunsets and stars, unforgettable romantic cities in where a kiss on a balcony becomes a legend; spiritual cenotes as sceneries for Mayan Ceremonies; or forests full of ancient gods who will bless your love. 

Keep in your mind and heart destinations like Riviera Maya, Tulum, Cancún, Los Cabos, San Miguel Allende or Merida; places that had turned into reality the most amazing wedding dreams for so many couples. 

 Once the ocean calms down

Like many couples, you probably have paused your destination wedding plans. The future is unpredictable and even if is possible for you to throw a party; would your friends have the chance to go? We are swiping an economical Era or at least it is how it feels. 

So, why no re-consider an Elopement once the ocean calms down? Some advantages of an elopement would be: 


  • Budget-wise: Perhaps you have money saved for your wedding budget, doing an elopement will allow you to spend more time on honeymoon, have more personalized details during the ceremony, and more photos and video, making more than unique and stylish that day. 
  • Romantic: Having an elopement is more romantic, yes!.  It is only both of you sharing special moments, there are no relatives to be a concern about, friends to entertain or spend time with them. I’m sure you want to share this day with them. what if not, would they will careless of you if not?

 Share your Elopement with your loved ones

Wait,  what? Aha! You would run away and be married, but still, there are ways to share that moment and here are some ideas 

  • Lifetime Ceremony; as far as the venue internet connection supports it, you can streamlive your wedding ceremony and even say Salud or Cheers with your loved ones from the distance. What about asking them to have a bottle of wine to celebrate or can you send that to them as a present. 
  • Record the Ceremony: With this option, you can share the ceremony and you can choose how to do it. Throw a small dinner with this surprise video projected. 
  • Photo Slideshow: This is a very common option for rehearsal dinner, today we can use it to share how you elopement in Mexico is trendy.  

Hold your Destination Wedding dream


Still not convinced about doing an elopement in Mexico, totally understand, we also have family and friends that would love to have there. 

Postpone is not the end, this will allow you to plan little extra details for your guests, review the budget and enjoy little more with your hubby some extra engage time. 

Your wedding day will arrive and it will be exactly as you imagined it. Romantic, festive, incredible, unforgettable and most important YOURS.  Happy Planning!

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