Pawsome ideas to include Dogs in your Destination Wedding


Have a furry friend is so fun that one day, become another member of the family. So why not include them in your Wedding? We prepare these Pawsome ideas to include Dogs in your Destination Wedding. 


Ring Bearer Scort Guard

This is the most popular option, having your little one Guard the ring is one of the cutest ideas! Additionally, if you have a ring bearer, it would be the perfect match.

It would be important to consider if parents and kid feels good about this match, and your Pawson will behave in such a situation. 

Don’t forget to rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse! It will be good for your ring bearer and your furry friend. 


Doggy Cake topper


This is an amazing idea! In special if for some reason your Paw-Friend can be present at your wedding.

Having a customized cake topper that is the real image of how is your family; and how do you include your Pet into. 



Especial Filmmaker Dogs in your Destination Wedding

With tons of options and technology, why not make your dog a special filmmaker? We love the idea our friends from the Del Sol Photo had about this. It was so cute! 

Other option will add a GoPro to your furry friend, this will give you a special side of your wedding day story. 



Additional tips

No matter, how do you decide to include your Pawson to your wedding. We are sure it will be surrounded by love. In case you decide to fly with him/ her to your Destination Wedding we suggest also: Check if Destination accepts the breed. Some breeds are no accepted cause they are considered dangerous. Additionally, you have to check all the documents, paperwork and permits to bring him to Mexico, for a sample. 

Check with our airline company if your friend will be allowed to travel. Despite they will make you sign a release. Some breeds cant fly.

Check if venue and hotel are pet- friendly, not only to stay but also to be around. Consider the size of your friend. 

Have a Pet- nanny or someone assigned during the wedding to look at him/ her, no matter how well trained is, remember that it will be music, food, and people that he/she might not know. Avoid stress time for him.

Don’t forget to notify your guests. Most of the people love pets, but in reality, there is a long list of people afraid of them.

Enjoy the time with him/ her! We know they are special and love them so much… for some of us, they are part of the family! Write to us if you are looking to include your pawson in your Big Day, we will give you all the information 






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