Photo trend: Boudoir

Photo session boudoir in your destination wedding.

It is not midday snack that you enjoy with a latte or cappuccino… but can be so fun and tasteful like that midday snack… and great for your figure also!!!!
We start to hearing about this photography trend that we have to talk about it; although It is right to say that there are already blogs working in this theme and even we start seen some gorgeous pics at Pinterest or The Bridal Style, this trend caught our attention because it is sexy, chic, fun and also perfect for first anniversary gift.

What is a boudoir photo session?

 In basis is a photo session of you wearing your wedding lingerie, but please do not feel limited for that. There are tons of options for this photo trend; Not sure if you want to do it alone, well you can ask to your future husband if he would like to participate. Are you having a destination wedding? Do some underwater pics of you with your wedding lingerie or on the beach…other option?  Do some pics at home using his fav football team jersey…  play with the options, be creative! That would be our first advice to you… your future husband would appreciate that!
The session can be done from couple hours before to your wedding or even couple days, however it is important that you feel sexy, comfortable and specially confident with your photographer, because he / she will be doing shots of you wearing lingerie and doing some sexy posses.  
How late can you have it? My suggestion? Plan the session even a day prior to the wedding… stressed? Not worry; you can plan it after the wedding… remember it is important that you enjoy the photo session and if you already feel overwhelming with all wedding details… it will be ok do this after.
Other advises? Do not forget to ask for the photo rights, and if you can have them in a digital format will be awesome; with this you will be able to choose just some of them to be printed.
The result will be a sexy and unforgettable anniversary gift and at the same time been friendly with the planet.
Try it!

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