Royal Wedding Inspiration perfect for your Wedding


We know that this is the topic of the year!. A true fairytale comes true in times that probably we are desperate to believe in them. The Royal Wedding inspire us in so many ways, but also you can find inspiration for your upcoming wedding and create your own fairytale.

Timeless Wedding Gown

 If there is something that we need to say about Meghan Markle Wedding gown is WOW! It is not only simple but also elegant and timeless.  You can see this dress in the future and don’t think “what a funny gown”. 

The new Duchess of Sussex reminds us in a very simple way that less is always more. Teach us also how elegant a white simple gown can be. 

Finding the perfect wedding dress is not easy, events like the Oscars Red Carpet and the Royal Wedding are perfect to find inspiration or look at some trends. 

Tiara and simple accessories

Let´s face it that amazing veil reminds us of Cinderella in so many ways. The truth is that it was her Tiara what catch my attention during the broadcast.   

Not because of the opulence of it and how the diamonds shine under the sun (cof -cof ) but because this Tiara was the main focus of the whole outfit.  However, there was no competition between the dress, the tiara and the veil. 

Elegant, simple perfection is all that we have to say about the overall look. 

This inspires us to find simple time looks for any wedding, and add that one statement piece that pulls all together. 

A Tiara or a Crown can be a perfect accessory to light up any wedding dress even for a Garden Wedding or a Destination Wedding. 

Meaningful Bouquet 

We love flowers! in a lot of colors! but in just like in the Royal Wedding, when it comes to something more meaningful, we try to find those flowers that have some special meaning. 

In this case, the Myrtle, Lily of the Valley, Forget me- nots, Astrantia, and Astilbe bouquet was perfect not only in their conjunction but also in their meaning. 

How can you make your bouquet so meaningful? Trust in your Wedding Planner and your florist, they can let you what flowers use for that case. Honor a familiar with their favorite flowers can be a nice touch, inspired by the Royal Wedding.  

Elegant Makeup & Hairstyle 

Like any girl, I’m obsessed with makeup and hairstyle. However, I always go for 2 basics. Flawless skin and natural makeup.  What I learned during my obsessive makeup years is that you need a flawless skin, well-hydrated skin to create any look

My natural obsession to try to look natural at all time, incline the balance towards that look, so see it during the Royal Wedding so well elaborate… well… blow my mind. 

What do we suggest to our Brides? Have a makeup trial, and find a makeup and hairstyle in that you feel yourself. 

In the case of Megan Markle, the makeup and hairstyle complement her look and personality, you can see her like wearing that look again. 

So, Congratulation to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we saw a lot of love between them so wish them the best.


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