Smoke Bombs for Weddings: Trend Alert


We keep an eye on what`s going on…so something that just found… smoke bombs for weddings!!!

It just sounds such fun, relaxes and different!  Additionally, we can find a lot, but really a lot of gorgeous photos …

What exactly are the smoke bombs? well, they are small inoffensive bombs that will throw smoke in different colors, that add a “pinch” of mystery but also of romanticism!!
I found them on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram,  we suggest to try them if you want some fun unconventional pictures in your Destination Wedding in Mexico, or just for fun!

Quick advice to use them:

  • Use them mostly for pictures after the ceremony, or right before you finalize the ceremony. 

  • Try them with your gown and outfit dry. I know that it could sound fun to use them after a quick shower but the colors can impregnate strongly if the fabric is wet. 
  • You are already wet and have another dress for your reception? then use them for a Trash the dress. 
So, why don’t you try it?! 

You will have fun, and also get great pictures!!!

Are you planning a wedding?

Contact us! we will be happy to help you…

Photos by: Sweet Caribbean Photo

Happy Planning


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