Delicious Menu Tasting at a Gorgeous Tulum Wedding Venue


We had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Menu Tasting at a Gorgeous Tulum Wedding Venue, stay with us to know more about this incredible experience!.

First of all, we love Tulum, its edgy vibe, the color of the waters, and that “unplugged” feeling so needy nowadays.

Making this a perfect Venue for your Destination Wedding. Especially if you consider the tons of activities offered in this area. 

Mediterranean taste with a twist of Mexico

Mediterranean cuisine is one of my favorites in the whole world! so if you made a fusion of it with Mexican food and you include an Esquite as part of the menu… you have earned my heart! 

Our entrance was a very modern version of a Mexican Esquite, if you don’t know what it is, well,  the traditional version is boiled corn and added mayonnaise, cheese and if you want Chili… remember it is a Mexican dish so Chili is a basic!  


Our second plate was an absolute amazing salad with burrata cheese…if may I say I haven’t chance to taste the burrata before… so I just fell in love of this kind of cheese, so creamy, soft, and tasty! 

A Shrimp stuffed pasta was our following plate, that I have to say, it was nice, creamy and really do not take off relevance to the main dish that follows it. 

An Octopus tamal was presented… to be honest, I`m not a fan of the octopus… nothing serious just an idea that I got since a child; that still stays with me since then.

However for someone that is not a fan… It was amazing! Not sure if was the garnish, the salsa, or its Mexican presentation. It was delicious! 

Perhaps, Mediterranean food is not your favorite, as it is mine, or do you want something different for your wedding, did you heard before about a  Cheese table?

Finally our favorite part: Dessert! Super extra sweet and delicious… Arroz con leche as you never try it before at Tulum.

Pairing Wines to enjoy life

We already talked about different options for your reception, and we also offer some irresistible bar ideas to keep your budget under control. 

However something that can make me crazy about a menu a great wine pairing, you know, that wine that the perfect match. 

We start with a refreshing beverage made of Prosecco, a welcome with bubbles is always a nice and funny welcome.

A white Sauvignon blanc was a perfect match with the salad and the burrata cheese! soft with notes of apple at the same time not overwhelming. Perfect, perfect!

My favorite a Rose from Casa Madero; one of the best Wine producers from Mexico. Not only refreshing, flirtatious, and funny but also an amazing pairing for our creamy canellones

I have to say, that I`m not a red wine lover. I  drink them, I enjoy it, but usually, we are not really good friends. Despite our unusual relationship, the Italian red wine made of Negroamaro grapes was out of this world! , and a perfect match for  the Octopus dish 

Finally the typical Italian liqueur.  A  perfect drink for dessert Arroz con Leche. Sweet and sour … who will tell! 


Negroamaro new Tulum Wedding Venue 

Tulum is beautiful, edgy and likes not other places. Negroamaro restaurant is located in this paradise. 

Additionally, you can rent the place as the only venue or work with the Hotel Dune to have rooms and the venue. Cost and length of the event will be based on this. 

Special thanks to our friends from Dune Boutique Hotel and Negroamaro, and a big, loud applause to Chefs Nicola & Francesco!

You can also read our review at TripAdvisor



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