Questions to your Destination Wedding Photographer



I would like to share some questions to do with your Destination Wedding Photographer, these are the basics that can give us a guide to start …

How many wedding have you shot?
What´s included in my package?
What´s the fee for overtime?
Do you require a deposit
Do you include the Hotel fee?
Are 2 photographers included in your services or just one?
What´s your delivery time?
Do you know my wedding venue or do you do site inspections?
What would you wear during my wedding?

These questions will give you  a base to start to know your wedding photographer.. but it is also important that you like his/ her work and the style the photographer handle, because there are different styles… one of my favorites is the Journalist… shots are more natural, candid and in my opinion tells the story of that day in a more efficient way… but not everyone likes this style… don’t worries there are different photographers with different style;  I`m sure you will find an option that matches your style.

In regards styles we will discuss that in a later post… a professional photographer will provide you will a clear description of his /her services, costs, delivery time, and very important will know your venue in advance … and if not… it would be a site inspection visit, why is this important? because in this way he/she will know the light conditions, and best spots to create the best memories!

The last question, it is important but no vital.. what he/ she or even the team will wear allow you to identify the photographer during the event, and will assure you that if you have to have a black- tie event  they won’t be wearing a short- casual dressed photographer… that of course! will break the environment…

Don’t be afraid to ask this questions, all suppliers will respond not only this kind of questions but also other couple´s concerns… as much clear it is your relationship with your photographer;  you will be calmer at your wedding, you will enjoy its services and at the end you will see that “teamwork” result in your wedding photos.

Excited to plan your wedding!

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Happy Planning


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