What type of Wedding Ceremony Should I Have?


What type of Wedding Ceremony should I have? Especially, when they are having a Destination Wedding. This is the most common question our couples had.

Most the couples, usually forget which is the main reason for this unique trip. The adventure starts at the moment you exchange your vows, and after that, it is party time!  

Our Wedding Planning Services help you to find and design the option that suits perfectly for your love story! 

However today, we can discuss the most common ceremonies you have helped to plan.  


Meaningfully Symbolic knot-tie

One of our Fav! It can be as much touch full as you want,  and usually is performed by a non-denominational minister, so it is also called Spiritual Ceremony.

Add all personal touches you want; from a  Sand to a Glass Ceremony, or Candle Ceremony.

Also, you can include other rituals or make it as religious as you want.  Mama would be proud! 

In addition, you avoid all the legal requirements, got your Marriage license at home and do not wait time having your papers legalized. 

The tricky part, because is a spiritual union, it is not recognized by any authority; like the Catholic Church or the Laws.


Traditional Catholic Ceremony 

That idea always crosses our minds… that little voice that whispers us, you should do a Catholic Ceremony, Grandma would be so proud! Is what Dad would want? 

It is true… It is a great option if both of you want to follow this tradition. In Mexico, we include the arras exchange and the Lazo to our ceremonies.  It would be a nice touch to your ceremony too. 

Remember that you would have to fulfill all requirements and the wedding ceremony can be officiated by a Catholic Priest always inside of a Church. 

We have done ceremonies outside a Chuch, but this is more like a blessing, and the couple actually has their private ceremony a day before. 


Mystic Ethnic Wedding Ceremony 

Have an affair with Mexico, is having an affair with its history. Mexican Ethnic people have a lot to offer and are the roots of our heritage.

Either is you have a Mayan Ceremony inside of an ethereal cenote in Quintana Roo or are you planning a Mexican fete with at a Hacienda. You can always add these elements to the mysticism of the moment. 

This Destination Wedding Ceremony will be officiating for a Chaman or other ethnic representative. It will be super spiritual. 


Interfaith Ceremony for a love without boundaries 

Love is love! A Destination Wedding is to celebrate that love in your unique way. We face it this situation and we were so happy for them. 

Having an interfaith ceremony it cant be easy, but we gladly can help with that. Our advice is to talk between families and decides what rituals of each religion would you like to have. 

Then the officiate will be the next step. Discuss what rituals you want to keep, why and make the ceremony a true moment of love. 


Civil Legal inside the Laws

Last but not least. Civil legal Wedding. In Mexico, it is performed by a Judge, and depending on the destination, they can or can not speak other languages. 

The wording of the ceremony could be a little stiff, and it won’t last more than 15 minutes.


You will need to fulfill some legal requirements. Have a blood test done. No worries they just test for diseases that might affect conception. 

It is a great option if you want to have everything at once. 


SouthAsian Destination Wedding 

South Asian weddings usually last four days due to the immense amount of traditions and rituals that the bridal party needs to complete for the bride and groom’s bonding to be religiously permitted,  with deep philosophical meaning and purpose.  

You might do not know. Mexico is becoming trendy for South Asian Destination Wedding. Hotels offer a wide variety of packages,  and also there are catering services that are specialized in this kind of ceremony.  However there is the alternative to bring your own officiate or in case of a Sikh Wedding, there is a Sikh Center in Mexico City that can offer the service. 


How we can help you

As you know we are Destination Wedding Planners. We can help you with the professional referrals of Officiants, either a Judge, Ministers, Chamans, Priest, and Rabbi that will prepare amazing ceremonies for you. In addition, most of Mexican Cities are  LGTB or Same-Sex friendly. 

Now, if you are looking for an extra personal wedding &

Our friends from Once Upon a Vow,  will capture your flavor, share your journey and kick “boring” to the curb, performing a ceremony with lots of laughs, happy tears, and magic. 

We will be happy to plan not only the party but also a touching ceremony.  Will be the perfect entrance into the adventure of a new life together… and a kick a** love party!

Happy Planning!