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FAQ about Destination Weddings in Mexico

Surely, you have a lot of questions when a Destination Wedding vision crosses your mind. The sun, the beach or a small town in Mexico sounds great! Along these years, and after helping different unique couples we gather these Destination Wedding FAQS as a guidance for a better start.

First Steps for an Unforgettable Wedding Getaway!

I am engaged, where should I start?
What are the advantages of hiring you guys?
    • BTM team can assist you with:
    • Find the perfect venue or check the venue booked to make it ideal for your wedding events.
    • Plan, Design and coordinate Welcome dinners, Rehearsal dinner, or Farewell events.
    • Get group rates, with these rates you and your guests
    • Handle and referral transfer services for you and your guests.
    • Suggest, quote and book Guests Experiences for you and your guests.
    • The assistance you with catering referrals and menu selections, décor, and entertainment for your wedding and related wedding events.
    • In case is need it, help planning special parties like Bachelorette Getaway
    • Bespoke Creative Design, Planning and Coordinate your Destination Wedding Weekend
    • Help handle inside and outside venue planning. In addition to the Hotel or venue coordinator.
How can we confirm your services for OUR Wedding?
  • After our “non-strings” Consulting Call you will receive a Wedding Planning Service Proposal, once is approved; we move forward with our Agreement and Retainer for our services.
  • Wedding Vendors will require a deposit to secure the date. Each location has its own policies. We can assist you to handle the payments and contracts. However, the vendor´s contracts will be available for you to review.
  • Deposit for our services 
    • Once a wedding service is confirmed we require a Retainer specified in the Wedding Planning Proposal you got.
How much time would we need to reserve OUR wedding day in advance?
  • We suggest starting a booking within 1 year in advance; because specific dates and best suppliers gests booked quickly. However, booking 6 months in advance is still a good timeframe. 

          What if we want to reserve on short notice?

  • You should contact us at  we will do all in our hands to help you with a short-notice event.


Type of ceremony and documents

What type of ceremony should I 'll have?
  • There are different types of ceremonies. Our first suggestion would be to ask yourself, what type of Wedding Ceremony should you have? Mexico has the option for either a local judge for a Civil Wedding or Non-denominational Minister, Chaman for a Mayan Ceremony or a Priest for Catholic ceremonies, Rabbi for a Jewish knot-tie or a Sikh Offiante for a SouthAsian Ceremony.


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