Mexico offers stunning backgrounds and venues to transform a one-of-a- kind celebration into a luxury experience.

Better Together Mexico Destination Wedding Planners specializes in offer wedding design and planning services for Destination Wedding,  Elopement, Intimate Wedding or a Romantic Proposal

It is an experience for madly in love couples with a wild, fearless and adventurous spirit.


Destination weddings by the beach

Vanessa & Cecilia are a passionate, creative, yet methodical duo; who lead and build-up a team to design a celebration experience that truly belongs to you.

Our ultimate goal with every event, is to achieve a celebration that reflects in the details all the luxe and passion that your life together means. Transform that in to a vision that tells your story, capture your aesthetic and then share it in the personal way that you only have.


Mexico Destination Wedding Planners


“A Wedding day experience designed to celebrate your style & personality ” 


Our team, had planned cosmic and mystical Mayan Wedding Ceremony at a Cenote, and celebrated with a Mazel-Tov under a Jupa framed by the ocean.

Planned a  Mendhi  and give her the chance to enjoy surrounded by those she care the most; and we can not forget  those simple yet elegant civil ceremony. 

Alternatives are countless and, we can help you to achieve your ideas.


Live it Up. Pure Romance

We have created lasting memories for madly in love couples, who wants transform its celebration into an experience that resonates with them.

Do you have in mind a Destination Wedding? Have you pictured yourself running away for an Elopement? Are you a wild heart couple looking for a  Proposal in Mexico?

We have the perfect frame for you at Cancun, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Puebla, Mérida, San Miguel Allende, Huatulco, Morelos… and beyond! 



There is  no reason, why, such special event like;  Destination Wedding, Elopement,  Intimate Wedding or Proposal Planning in Mexico, turns into a struggling journey; that do not reflect your true colors.  


We will help you, to transmit your love story; while, enjoying moments that harmonize with you.

With that in mind; our customizable Wedding Planning, Elopement, Intimate Wedding or Proposal services offers the guidance to makes you feel comfortable and trustful about the journey; while the experience creates an echoing of your own nature. 


Assitance for your wedding here! 


“There is always some madness in love,but, there is also always some reason in madness.” —Friedrich Nietzsche


Tulum Destination Wedding Mexico


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