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Love in Every Detail: Kyra and Brandon’s Journey to ‘I Do’

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Written by Better Together Mexico

septiembre 30, 2023

Love stories are as unique as the couples themselves, and for Kyra and Brandon, their personalities and preferences made their wedding truly special. Kyra, who appreciates the finer details and has an eye for aesthetics, complemented Brandon, the diligent researcher who leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of excellence. Their shared love for simple elegance set the tone for their big day.


Getting Ready

Kyra embarked on her special day, filled with love and joy. In the bridal suite, she joined her best friend Debby and her mom for a delightful spread of food and a heartwarming champagne toast.

Kyra’s affinity for minimalistic elegance was showcased in her stunning wedding dress, chosen for its timeless beauty and sophistication. With her mother’s help, she looked absolutely breathtaking. 


The Ceremony


The moment Brandon and Kyra shared their first look was unforgettable. His surprise at her beauty lit up their faces with joy and love, setting the tone for a day filled with laughter and dancing.

Kyra and Brandon chose to walk down the aisle together, symbolizing their partnership on this special day. As they approached, the ceremony began with Brandon, his mom, and the bridal party making their entrances. Kyra, guided by her parents, walked in to the sweet notes of «Can’t Help Falling in Love.»

Their ceremony blended their beliefs and traditions, with two close friends serving as officiants. Kyra circled Brandon seven times in a nod to Jewish customs, symbolizing the creation of their new home and their profound connection.

After heartfelt vows and ring exchanges, family members shared seven blessings, offering warm wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

The Finale:  The ceremony ended with the traditional glass-breaking moment, greeted by shouts of «Mazel Tov!» The colors of the ceremony palette blended seamlessly with the stunning sea backdrop.

The Reception


Following the ceremony, Kyra and Brandon had a beach photoshoot, capturing the beauty of nature.

Guests proceeded to the cocktail area and then the Waldorf Terrace for the reception. The reception tables echoed the ceremony’s color palette, adorned with greenery, white vases, candles, and gold and silverware, radiating style and glamour.

The Culinary Journey: The reception kicked off with appetizers that included lobster bisque with pernot essence and parsley oil. The main course featured red snapper in corn leaves, ajillo sauce, and garlic butter, served with black risotto, a tantalizing treat for the taste buds. Dessert was a scrumptious cheesecake.



The Highlight of the Night


The highlight of the night was Kyra and Brandon’s surprise entrance, where Kyra dazzled in a reception dress and elegant gloves. Their first dance to «Stand By Me» by Prince Royce, followed by «Suavemente» by Elvis Crespo, brought the dance floor to life, with professional dancers joining the fun.

As the night went on, the dance floor remained alive with laughter, dancing, and unforgettable moments, fueled by margaritas, wine, and whiskey. It was a night of pure celebration, marking the love between Brandon and Kyra.


WEDDING LOCATION:   Hilton Cancun 

Photography & Cinema: Nicandro Photography

Makeup: Kira Chidan

Live music and entertainment: Visuddha

Decor : Canteiro & Valentina Flowershop

Dj: Inspire Weddings