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Mayan Wedding Ceremony, What is that?

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Written by Better Together Mexico

julio 11, 2024

The Ancient Mayan Tradition is full of mysticism and deep spiritual meaning.  The Mayan Wedding Ceremony is a unique experience to celebrate the union of your souls forever.

The Mayan Wedding Ceremony is a unique and mystical experience, particularly significant for those visiting the Riviera Maya. For those unfamiliar with this beautiful tradition, it might raise questions, so here’s a brief explanation of what it entails and why it’s important.

The ceremony can take place in the heart of the rainforest , in an open  cenote or Cenote cave  considered sacred by the Mayan people. Or maybe you prefer an stunning beach. Both locations offer a magical setting where nature itself witnesses the union of two souls. This sacred ritual is led by a Shaman, a figure revered by the Mayan people as someone who connects this world with the realm of the gods.

Understanding and experiencing a Mayan Wedding Ceremony provides a profound connection to the ancient traditions and spiritual beliefs of the Mayan culture, making it a memorable and meaningful event.


The Mayan Ritual

Officiated by a native priest, called Shaman, the bride and groom are received playing the musical instruments, songs, and copal, to the altar, and a Mayan prayer begins. The musicians blow the conch shell, asking for permission, attention, and blessing, to the four cardinal points.

They share a sacred beverage called Balche. This beverage has the meaning of feeding the soul and blessings. The couple exchange yellow flowers, representing the Sun. White flowers symbolize the moon corn, cacao, and also rings. The Shaman ties their hands with red lace, this represents the beginning of a true love relationship and the union.


They deposit the flowers, cacao, and seeds and put some water as a representation of planting a tree with the meaning of future growth together. They both wash their feet, as a symbol of trust and humility in the relationship.

Finally, the Shaman invites parents and the closest family to pray and offer the best wishes to the new couple. With music, the blow of the conch shell, drums, and copal, the newlyweds deliver a floral offering to the sea or cenote.

Mayan Wedding Ceremonies captivate with their whimsical and enchanting aura, infusing profound meaning and symbolism that warms the heart. If you seek a spiritual ceremony, this is an ideal choice! Commonly embraced in the Riviera Maya, Mayan ceremonies are widespread, yet diverse ethnicities in other regions of Mexico offer their unique wedding rituals, each carrying its own special significance and cultural richness.