Mayan Wedding Ceremony- what is that?

Is very common to talk about the Mayan Wedding Ceremony, but for those people not related to Riviera Maya, a Mayan ceremony certainly puts a question mark on their faces. That is why we need to explain what is it and why is important.

The ancient Mayan tradition is full of mysticism and deep spiritual meaning.  A unique experience to celebrate the union of your souls forever.

The ceremony can be done in the heart of the rainforest near a cenote which the Mayan people considered sacred or on a beautiful beach. Both magical locations, where only nature will be the witness of the union of two souls guided by a Shaman. Some kind of “priest” however for the Mayan people he was a very important man or woman because connect this world with the god`s world. 


The Mayan Ritual


Officiated by a native priest, called Shaman, the bride and groom are received playing the musical instruments, songs, and copal, to the altar, and a Mayan prayer begins. The musicians blow the conch shell, asking for permission, attention, and blessing, to the four cardinal points.

They share a sacred beverage called Balche. This beverage has the meaning of feed the soul and blessings. The couple exchange yellow flowers, representing the Sun. White flowers symbolize the moon corn, cacao, and also the rings. The Shaman tie their hands with red lace, this represents the beginning of a true love relationship and the union

They deposit the flowers, cacao, and seeds and put some water as a representation of planting a tree with the meaning of future growth together. They both wash their feet, as a symbol of trust and humility in the relationship

Finally, the Shaman invites parents and the closest family to pray and offer the best wishes to the new couple. With music, the blow of the conch shell, drums, and copal, the newlyweds deliver a floral offering to the sea or cenote.

Mayan Ceremonies are whimsical and enchanting. All the meaning, symbolism is just so heartwarming. In case you a looking for a spiritual ceremony, this is a perfect option! In Riviera Maya this a very common option… but in other areas of México exists different etnias that offer their own special Wedding Ritual.


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