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Hotel Wedding Packages: How to Make It Work

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Written by Better Together Mexico

noviembre 16, 2023

Planning a destination wedding at one of Mexico’s all-inclusive resorts is a dream come true for many couples. However, it’s essential to understand what to expect from the resort’s wedding planning team to ensure your special day unfolds smoothly and meets your vision. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process, offering insights and tips in simple terms.

All-inclusive weddings are usually held in stunning destinations, offering you and your guests a chance to relax, unwind, and have a great time! This is particularly wonderful when guests are staying at an all-inclusive resort because they can rest assured that most activities are already covered in the upfront price, giving them the freedom to fully enjoy their stay. With a large group gathered in one place, basking in the sun, enjoying the sand, water, and cocktails, it’s a recipe for lots of fun and a fantastic way to create lasting memories together.



Setting the Stage: Understanding the Role of Resort Wedding Planners

When you book a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort, you’ll often hear about the inclusion of a ‘wedding planner’ or ‘wedding coordinator’ in your wedding package. However, it’s crucial to clarify what these titles truly mean to avoid any potential confusion or disappointment.

Here’s the deal: The wedding planner or coordinator provided by the resort may not offer the same level of services you’d typically expect. This disparity can catch couples off guard, especially those who assume they’ll receive services similar to a traditional wedding planner

Initial Steps: Booking Your Date and Room Block

The journey of planning your destination wedding usually begins by reserving your wedding date at the chosen resort and securing a block of rooms for your guests. Many couples are eager to dive into the planning process right away. Still, they may encounter delays when waiting for responses from the resort’s wedding team.

Initially, you’ll interact with a wedding salesperson at the resort, whose primary role is to help you secure your wedding contract and address your initial questions about contract specifics. Once the contract is in place, your wedding coordination may be handed over to another team member or coordination staff.


The Hotel Wedding Coordinator


About 2 to 3 months before your wedding, a dedicated wedding coordinator will be assigned to you. This coordinator will reach out to you and provide planning documents or Excel spreadsheets. They will guide you in inputting your wedding details, making selections within your wedding package, and choosing any additional elements you’d like to include. They will also assist you in finalizing payments for the items and vendors you’ve selected.

It’s essential to note that the delay in responses from the resort’s wedding team is not due to a lack of willingness to help but often because they have numerous events, site tours, contracts, and weddings to manage.

All-inclusive wedding packages are designed to offer a standardized experience for everyone who opts for them. These packages often come with limited vendor choices, which means you might not have complete freedom to choose your vendors. The good news is that many all-inclusive wedding packages provide a variety of upgrade and add-on options to customize and enhance your wedding, making it even more special.»


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Offsite Planners

A successful event requires teamwork between the hotel planner and offsite wedding planners like us. Our role is to handle the endless details, not just for the day off but for the entire Wedding Weekend. 

We maintain strong relationships with all-inclusive hotels and venues, consistently recommending the top choices.

We can help you…

  • Find the perfect resort
  • Secure wedding date with the resort
  • Choose the right wedding package
  • Secure rates and rooms for guests
  • Negotiate the best prices
  • Organize guest stay & activities

Maybe you are wandering….Is it possible for me to handle this on my own? Certainly, but the real question is, why would you choose to?

Having a team of seasoned destination wedding planners at your service, and at no cost, can make tackling this significant task much smoother than going it alone.

We aim to simplify the planning process, reducing stress and adding an element of enjoyment to the entire experience!


In conclusion, planning a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico is an exciting journey. Understanding the roles of the various planners involved and the importance of teamwork will help ensure your big day is a resounding success, filled with beautiful moments and lasting memories.